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Diversity Initiatives for Gifted Students

Native American Camp

Diversity Initiatives for Gifted Students (DIGS) GOALS:  

1.  DIGS seeks to diversify participation in GERI programs by recruiting and providing scholarship support to high-potential students from low-income families and traditionally underrepresented groups (Native Americans, African Americans, Latino/as, second language learners, and twice exceptional students).

2.  DIGS provides quality services for diverse participants in GERI programs by

  • promoting  and supporting  talent development for gifted, creative, and talented students who are members of groups traditionally underrepresented in gifted programs.
  • providing professional development to GERI staff related to diversity and social and emotional needs.  

3.  DIGS seeks to inform the scholarly community through evaluation, research, and dissemination of DIGS efforts that increase understanding of diversity and giftedness and programming that appropriately addresses the educational and affective needs of diverse students.

The Diversity Initiative for Gifted Students (DIGS) is helping us achieve our goals through the creation of a diversity recruitment methods.  In partnership, GERI works with educators to identify students who would benefit from a talent development program.  Identified students are then provided with scholarships to attend the GERI Summer Residential Programs. 


Thanks to our partnerships with schools, corporations, foundations, and individual donors, GERI is currently able to provide about 1/3 of its student program participants with scholarships.  In 2011 alone, 64 students received scholarships.

  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Gifted Education Resource Institute
  • College of Education, Purdue University
  • Davidson Foundation
  • Royal Dutch / Shell Oil Company
  • Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Evonik, Tippecanoe Labs
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
  • GERI Advisory Board Members
  • Private Donors

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